Does Your Blog Need A Niche? Spoiler Alert: YES

I received an email a month ago from one of my readers who seemed a little bit distressed:

Hey Anta, I wanted to start a new blog for 2021 but I was kind of stuck. You see, I have a bunch of different stuff that I like. I like go-karts, space travel, cooking, and budgeting. Is it possible to make a blog around all of these or can I build one website for everything?

Jon K.

I wanted to answer this question in-depth because it actually comes up a lot and I wanted a link I could just send to bloggers when they are just starting.

People are multi-faceted beings. Very few people only have one particular interest and nothing else holds their fancy. I personally struggle with trying to accommodate all of my interests within my working day and I rarely do. Additionally, our interests change over time. I’m sure my younger self would have been heartbroken if he knew his older self doesn’t really feel like collecting hot-wheels anymore, or that having a level 99 necromancer in Diablo 2 is the pinnacle of existence. It’s perfectly okay to have many interests; that just means you’re normal.

If you’re making a blog to be a personal journal to explore yourself, sure, go right ahead. Nobody will stop you. Creating a space to collect one’s thoughts probably something everyone should do. If you’re making a blog to make money, it’s a bad idea and in order to understand that fully, it’s important to examine what drives traffic to websites in the first place.

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