About Me

Name: Anta K. Osotsi

Age: 34

Current Residence: Nairobi, Kenya.

Previous Residence(s): Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA.

Primary Occupation: Independent writer, SEO consultant, Web designer.

I meticulously create bespoke, emotive and original content for business owners that crave a decisive edge over their competition. Whether you’re interested in a short-term, tactical approach or a broader, strategic content deployment plan, I bring a diverse set of cultivated skills that will help your business to convert eyeballs into sales.

Previous Jobs: I was privately recruited as a lead generator for CPA networks including Infinite Traffic, Neverblue, COPEAC, Clickbank, and many more between 2010 and 2015. I have also been actively participating in the freelance writing industry for 4 years and enjoy reading and writing about how money flows through society.

Additionally, I worked as a liquidator from 2012-2014, and helped companies offload distressed merchandise on a per-unit commission basis. I am grateful to my 500+ connections on LinkedIn for providing me with the opportunity to network and learn about the wholesale and liquidation industry.

Education: University of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, VA. BSc Math, minor in Computer Science. 3.4 GPA at completion. Alumni member of Pi Mu Epsilon.

Albemarle High School, Charlottesville, VA.

Eastern Mennonite High School, Harrisonburg, VA.

Languages: English (native), Kiswahilli (native), Mandarin Chinese (beginner)

Programming Languages: HTML + CSS (proficient), Javascript (proficient), C# (intermediate), Visual Basic.NET (intermediate), Java (intermediate), Python (intermediate), C++ (beginner), ASP.NET (beginner)

Hobbies: Chess, reading about online marketing, investing, and other business topics, meditation, studying self-improvement techniques, traveling.